O'er the Bounding Main
African Sumac, turned & carved
Oil Finish
10.5" tall x 8" dia.

The Gallery of J. Paul Fennell Woodturning Art
Sailing, sailing o’er the bounding main
Where many a stormy wind shall blow…”

As the lyrics to this children’s song of the late
1800’s suggest, sailing the high seas is fraught
with danger, brought upon by the strong
interplay of ocean currents, wind and waves.  In
the physical world this can be thought of as
nature’s dynamic and exhilarating display of
energy and movement, familiar to anyone
adventurous enough to sail the high seas.
I interpret the physical idea of the drama of the
ocean’s energy and movement aesthetically by
creating undulating abstract wave and swirling
current patterns traversing around a three-
dimensional surface.