The Gallery of J. Paul Fennell Woodturning Art
Maiandros: A Journey, 2018
Butternut, carved, and pierced. Leather dye,
Oil Finish.  Black acrylic base
5.5" x 6" x 13"

New Horizons Exhibit
May 22 - July 1, 2018
Private Collection
Having created iconic work involving the concept of expressive lathe-turned hollow forms for most of my life as a woodturner, accepting the New
Horizons Exhibit invitation for “new” work required stepping away from my “comfort zone” of long-developed techniques, use of familiar design
elements for visual expression, and the three-dimensional symmetry of work from the lathe.  It was frustrating….

“Idea fluency,” an ability to cultivate new creative paths and concepts frequently and with relative ease was not a personal characteristic of mine, and I
found myself meandering through many possibilities, most of which were nowhere suitable.  Then it dawned on me that the idea of “meandering” itself
could be a metaphor of my experience in the process of creating something of a different nature.  I had certainly experienced the difficulties found in
traversing the wandering, twisting and tortuous course of a metaphorical river!  Other considerations included eliminating the use of the lathe, and
raising the level of personal difficulty in making the piece.

The image of
Maiandros: A Journey is born from a photographic technique that is different as well.  It includes a base of black acrylic, resulting in a
reflection, “connecting” the actual piece to the base.  Also, the reflection itself is a metaphor for creatively imagining new visual experiences beyond
the current physical work.  This, I believe, is a step towards the quest for idea fluency and creativity.