The Gallery of J. Paul Fennell Woodturning Art
Suspended Intimation, 2018
Mesquite, carved, and pierced.  Oil Finish.  
Granite Cobble Base

12" x 9" x 9"

Collectors of Wood Art Exhibit at
SOFA Chicago, Nov. 1-4, 2018
"WOOD: 25 Years of Innovation"
I felt that inherent in the piece there should be a sense of “mystery,” implicit in how and why was it created. “Mystery” also suggests
an unusual orientation of the work: a supposed dichotomy between the presumed stability of a six-sided geometric form sitting at rest
on one of its sides, opposed to the form dynamically presented in its most unstable position, most surely to fall by the slightest
provocation…Why?  Selecting a base comprised of a completely different material, shape, color and texture is also a dichotomy
between form and support—can they successfully work together?  The heart of the matter is “Innovation.”