J. Paul Fennell's  SIGNATURE HOLLOW FORMS are thin-walled vessels created by a technique
using light as a wall-thickness gauge with translucent wood, resulting in ultra-thin wall
thicknesses as little as 1/16".  Form and presentation of the beauty of the wood are the hallmarks
of this work.

J. Paul Fennell's
TACTILE PIECES are embellished for visual and tactile appeal: they are three-
dimensional works meant to be hand-held, to experience not only the piece’s visual appeal, but
also its tactile qualities of form and embellishment.

J. Paul Fennell's
INTERPRETIVE WORK is based upon creative experiences, influences, memories,
and themes that are appealing and significant expressions to the artist.
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Work Currently Available Direct From Artist
Unique one-of-a-kind pieces:
from subtle, thin-walled elegant forms,
to tactile forms,
to detailed, expressive interpretations