Red Cord Series
African Sumac, Dye, Paint
7"h x 9.5"dia.
About the work:  The "Red Cord" series is a body of work based on an
old Chinese legend of an invisible red cord tied at birth to the ankles of
two individuals destined to become united later in life.  As they grow
older, the cord gets shorter and shorter until they finally meet and are
united forever.  The basketweave of the vessel is appropriate as a
metaphor of two lives inextricably woven together into one by
marriage.  The basketweave pattern undulates and is rough-textured,
again metaphors of the ups and downs--trials and tribulations--that
marriages often encounter over time.  However, the strength of the
basketweave design is a testimony that a good marriage will endure
these difficulties.  
Available through Blue Rain Gallery
The Gallery of J. Paul Fennell Woodturning Art