Lattice in the Clouds
Mesquite, oil finish, acrylic paint
10"h x 8"dia.
About the wood:
Mesquite (
Prosopis Sp.) is native to Arizona and the Southwest.  
Also, other mesquite varieties native to Chile and Argentina
have been introduced into Arizona as landscape trees because of
their fast growth and adaptability.  Mesquite is a heavy, hard
wood that is lustrous and ages to a warm reddish-brown color.
The artist uses only Mesquite salvaged from discarded trees
destined to the landfill or firewood lots.    
Turned and pierced.  Three-dimensional
interpretation of a two-dimensional
lattice pattern from a Buddhist Temple
on Mt. Omei, a sacred mountain in
Szechwan, China
The Gallery of J. Paul Fennell Woodturning Art