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Tools Available for Purchase
FiberOptic Light Source and Cable
The finest slow-speed power carving tool available today.
Uses dental and industrial burs with 3/32" or 1/8" shank diameters.
Brushless high-torque motor, 1000-50,000 rpm.
200W Output -- Very High Torque: 8.7 N-cm
Furnished with 3/32" & 1/8" shank collets
Top-of-the-line Air-Driven, Oil-less Rotary Tool
Uses 1/16" shank diameter carbide dental burs,
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A complimentary set of 8  FG burs to get you started with the
use of the tool.  A $25.00 value, free with purchase!
The tools shown below are the finest available.
Note: Prices are subject to change without notice
150-watt halogen light source with rheostat and fan.  Flexible stainless
steel jacketed fiber optic cable 1/8" dia. x 6 ft. long.  Used to illuminate
the interior of turned vessels to determine wall thickness.
Well-made, rugged and durable--used by J. Paul Fennell for over 25 years.
$385.00 light source, $125.00 flexible cable + $30.00shipping (US).
NSK Presto High-Speed Handpiece
NSK Espert 500 with Torque Motor Handpiece
For Piercing & Carving
Wall Thickness Caliper
Solves the difficult problem of measuring the
wall thickness near the vessel opening.
$15.00 complete with set of 3 different
diameters of wire inserts. Shipping $5.00 (US)
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Many sizes, shapes & cuts
available.  Check website
Air Filter/Regulator for
Air-Driven Handpieces
$140.00 plus $8.50
shipping   (US
destinations only)
Double-Sided Masking Tape
Top-quality heavy-duty paper masking tape 7mil thick for making your own
miniature sanding discs.  
One roll is enough to make thousands of discs.
Each roll 1-1/2" x 36 yds.
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